5 IN 1 250 GRAMS

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Brand Ashika
Description Ashika's Garden of Paradise is a term synonymous with garden of paradise, heaven, a region or state of supreme bliss. Ashika’s Garden of Paradise was a veritable oasis and supplied everything needed for the ease, nutrition and pleasure of mankind. Today, Ashika’s Garden of Paradise incense sticks are made by artisans, using the same natural pure fragrance oils which calm the impetuous mind, relive the fatigued body and stir the soul. The fragrance of Ashika’s Garden of Paradise will transport you to an Edenic surroundings to experience the scents of tropical flowers and primordial characteristics like perfection, plenitude, peace, pleasure and beatitude. To use: Light the tip of incense sticks and let glow. Wave/blow the flame out and place the stick in a holder, Choose your preferred fragrance and enjoy the captivating charm. Salutation to the artisans who keep alive the ancient art of hand rolling Incense sticks and making this an inexpensive modern luxury. • Rose • Diamond • Lavender • Sandal • Eden
Country of Origin India

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